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Temple Jewellery- An Untold Story

Women in India have a soft spot for temple jewellery. The name itself shows how they are deeply attached to the roots of Indian culture. Their grandeur and style narrate the rich and royal story of each design.

How did Temple Jewelry get its name?

Is Temple jewellery related to God?

The southern part of India has many small and big temples. People worship the idols of different deities in these temples since ancient times. These deities are adorned with different types of ornaments. They are considered to be spiritual and treated with respect.

Hence, these ornaments are known as temple jewellery. The designs of modern temple jewellery are inspirations taken from such traditional designs. 

A Small Insight into The History

The Chola dynasty in South India is appreciated for their architectural innovations. They built numerous temples and sculptures throughout their kingdom. 

The deities in temples are adorned with precious ornaments from their period. These preserved jewels are passed over generations. Hence, the medieval period which saw the rise of Cholas is acknowledged to be the period when the temple jewellery originated. 

Stunning Traditional Designs 

The Kasumala or coin-necklace is one of the most sought after designs in the temple jewellery. Its simple design is one of the highlights of these types of necklaces.

Mostly, the image of Goddess Lakshmi or Lord Ganapathy is engraved on the temple necklace pendants and earrings. Indian brides love to wear such beautiful necklace sets on their special day.

Tips to Match your Outfit

Among ethnic wears, sarees are the outfit that matches perfectly with a heavy-looking temple necklace set. Wear a plain saree with a border if the necklace used is a chunky one. 

But for marriages, the rule changes. Indian brides, usually wear this type of ornaments as chokers, necklaces, bangles etc. They go well along with the heavy bridal sarees they wear.

Can you wear temple jewellery with western outfits?

Undoubtedly, these ornaments go well with Indo-Western outfits. Recently, some Bollywood divas have successfully experimented this style. And, now this style is just trending in the fashion industry.

Tips to Take Care Artificial Temple Jewelry

1. Rub softly on the ornaments after each use with a soft cloth or cotton ball. It not only removes the dust but also retains the shiny appearance.

2. Do not spray perfumes after wearing your fashion jewellery.

3. Keep the ornaments in a jewellery box. Separating it from other types of jewellery helps to avoid tangles and scratches.

Anything that reflects our history holds some sentimental value. And, this is the reason why antique and temple pieces never go out of trend.

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