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How to Take Care of Your Fashion Jewellery

The greatest trends that reign the world of fashion in recent times is the use of fashion jewellery or statement jewellery. Wearing fashion jewellery not only adds beauty and elegance to one`s personality but also is an affordable accessory allowing the wearers to add style to lives without burning their pockets. However, this most sought after jewellery requires utmost care and maintenance to keep it fresh and shining.

One of the golden rules in the maintenance of fashion jewellery is that it should be the first thing to be removed after any occasion and the last accessory to be worn after your entire dressing. Simple abidance of this rule will go a long way in resolving many jewellery maintenance issues.

Listed below are some of the other useful tips to take care of your fashion jewellery effectively:

Avoid wearing them while applying hairspray, lotions and makeup

One of the best ways to care for your fashion jewellery is to keep them away from perfumes, hairsprays and lotions. Using perfumes while wearing your imitation jewellery can create unfavorable reactions with your jewellery and can also cause them to fade in color. Also, exposure to any hairspray, creams, and lotions can automatically accelerate tarnishing and cause rusting to your jewellery. 

Always remove your jewellery during household chores and physical activities

It is important to remove your fashion jewellery before taking a shower or any other activity that makes you come in contact with water or dirt. Else, it may result in rusting and also give room for coming in contact with many harsh chemicals that can take away the fine finish from your jewellery pieces.

Keep your fashion jewellery dry and clean

To keep the lustre and beauty intact in your costume jewellery, it is important to keep them dry and clean. In case you are wearing your fashion ornaments for the whole day, you need to wipe them dry of sweat and grime before putting them back in the jewel case. Make sure they are dry and not wet while storing. In case, you store wet jewellery, it causes tarnish to develop over it.

To keep the deep insides of your fashion jewellery clean, use a new and soft-bristled toothbrush to remove the dirt which helps it to retain its sparkle. 

Store them properly

To store your imitation jewellery properly, it is foremost to know not to keep your different kinds of jewellery together. For example, avoid keeping your earrings with chains or rings with necklaces. Similarly, keep them all separately in Ziploc plastic bags or separate jewel boxes or separate containers. This will prevent air exposure and oxidization. It also avoids getting them entangled. Also, try to wrap each piece in an anti-tarnish paper while storing, to prevent tarnishing. 

Avoid using daily

The most important thing to remember is that fashion jewellery pieces are not to be worn daily. Rather they are to be worn occasionally as daily wear may cause tarnishing and other damages.

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