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JHeaps May 07, 2020

Street Style Trends for 2020

Street Style is another dimension of fashion. This style breaks all the conventional fashion concepts. It defines a person. If you are someone who loves to get out of your comfort zone and craving for uniqueness, try urban style concept. If you can nail the look; it will make you talk of the town.

Can Fashion Speak Your Style?

The highlight of urban

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JHeaps Mar 27, 2020

Guide to Easy Everyday Jewellery

The relation between women and jewellery is well known to all. I have enough jewellery; said no woman ever” is one of the famous quotes that show how much a woman gives value to jewellery. Most women love to wear jewellery and flaunt their styles everyday. As time passes, fashion changes, style evolves and hence should your wardrobe. Yeah! there are ornaments like a sleek chain and a pair of studs that can be given the title of "Evergreen Jewellery Pieces". But still,

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Meenakari Designs

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JHeaps Mar 01, 2020

Enchanting Tale of Meenakari Designs

The famous Meenakari designs undoubtedly resonate the story of our deep rich Indian traditions, customs and culture. These designs are usually done on metallic ornaments. It is a very fascinating type of painting technique. On the other hand, it is one of the most complex branches of art and design. Every young Indian bride will love to wear jewellery with such beautiful and delicate designs.

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JHeaps Jan 20, 2020

Top 5 Trends in Handmade Jewellery 2020

The irresistible charm of handmade jewellery has always captivated the hearts of women, especially in India. Its uniqueness lies in skilled craftsmanship and exquisite style that goes into each piece while crafting. This year 2020, the latest trends of handmade jewellery are something that you cannot afford to miss. Especially, its eye-catching designs, exotic colours and affordability will

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