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JHeaps Jan 23, 2020

How to Take Care of Your Fashion Jewellery

The greatest trends that reign the world of fashion in recent times is the use of fashion jewellery or statement jewellery. Wearing fashion jewellery not only adds beauty and elegance to one`s personality but also is an affordable accessory allowing the wearers to add style to lives without burning their pockets. However, this most sought after jewellery requires utm

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JHeaps Jan 20, 2020

Top 5 Trends in Handmade Jewellery 2020

The irresistible charm of handmade jewellery has always captivated the hearts of women, especially in India. Its uniqueness lies in skilled craftsmanship and exquisite style that goes into each piece while crafting. This year 2020, the latest trends of handmade jewellery are something that you cannot afford to miss. Especially, its eye-catching designs, exotic colours and affordability will

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JHeaps Jan 09, 2020

Top 5 Fashion Jewellery Trends 2020

Fashion Jewellery has always been a symbol of aesthetic reflection in a woman. However, this year 2020, fashion jewellery trends are bolder, brighter with lots of vibrant colours, minimalist styling and statement designs. 
With many inspirational styles, get ready to update your jewellery collection. Take a look at the ruling fashion jewellery trends of 2020. 

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